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Hey guys! So, if you didn't read my status post, I'm into Undertale now. I drew the main characters (and Nasptablook, because why not) and I still can't be stuffed with colouring in. I'll draw something coloured eventually... like, tomorrow, maybe. 

Anyway, who's your favourite character? I like everyone, but Papyrus and Undyne have always seemed the coolest to me <3 I stuffed up a little on Papyrus' leg but oh well... XD 

I don't own Undertale, only this picture! And no stealing! Thank you. 
Well guys, I've been like this for a little while but it's time to make an announcement: 


(I feel like I'm late to the party... oh well XD) 
Thanks for the memories
Hey everyone! So... I didn't colour it in, but hey, it still looks alright. This is a little tribute for a game- no, my childhood, actually- Club Penguin. 

Yeah, I really liked this game back in the day. And I mean really liked it XD Even more than Poptropica. I tried to play it whenever I could, and even paid for membership. I loved drawing all the characters, and creating all these fanfictions (though I didn't have FanFiction back then). Eventually, I stumbled across other things like FanFiction and I lost interest. I didn't play the game for a whole year; I actually played Poptropica more often. Now that CP is being cancelled, I'm playing it again, though in small doses. 

Well, here are all the characters, I guess. My favourite one has always been Gary the Gadget Guy, or G, or just Gary (he's the one with the lab coat). If you played CP, who's your favourite? Lemme know if you want ;) 

I don't own Club Penguin. No stealing, please! Thanks. 
To the Foxes at Manchester mobile!
Hooray! Drew a little something for Home Again XD This is a scene from Lunar Colony Island, where Alice and Fierce Fox are riding on the moon rover. Fierce Fox looks really un-amused XD I've got something for tomorrow, then that's my weekly art dose for y'all! And I've also got nothing else to say... so see you later! 

Please do not steal! Thank you. 
My cats vomited on my school photos... Are they that bad? 
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Hey guys! 'Cause I'm not a core member, I don't have polls, so... yeah. What should I draw more of? Let me know below! :) 

(I'm doing this in my journal because... it's always there, I guess) 


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Hi! I'm iHateFridays and welcome to my account. To be honest, I'm more of a writer and I spend way more time on FanFiction. But when I do, I love drawing stuff for all my favorite shows, movies and crossovers. (especially MLP. Yes, I'm a brony.) Most of my art will be for my FanFiction stories or My Little Pony crossovers. My name on that website is ponystoriesandothers.

If you want to give me crit (criticism) you may, but don't be super harsh. Also, no hates please or I'll hunt you down.. Maybe..

As well as all the crossover stuff, I also post pictures, random drawings and memes. Since I do like to have a variety here, so not just ponies. Watch me if you want pure randomness.

I don't always have the time to check on your artwork but I'll leave a comment every now and again. To all those who thank me, you're welcome.

For pronouns, I would prefer if you call me Them/They/Their, as this is personal preference :)

As well as here and FanFiction, I have an Poptropica-centric account on Wikia (Magic Snowball does Poptropica), an account on Poptropica (username: kkool223) and an account for one of my OCs, Alice! (AliceHomeAgain)

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:iconinsideoutfearplz: LIFE IS SCARY!!
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:iconinsideoutangerplz: YOU BETTER NOT MESS WITH ME!


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